Music Appreciation Classes

Individuals with a curiosity about all things music are sure to enjoy music appreciation classes. The emphasis is on exploring music in a way in which most people never get the opportunity - with an understanding of its meaning through its place in history and influence on culture. These classes offer an eclectic musical experience utilizing lecture, film and movie clips, pictures, live and recorded musical performances, authentic instruments, exploratory music-making, and/or group discussion. Each topic is presented in a series of up to 10 classes and requires no musical skills whatsoever. Some themes explored in the past include music around the world, the origins of jazz, hymns and their meanings, the history of music, classical composers, opera stories, and musical folk traditions of Wisconsin.


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Adapted Music Lessons
Music should be accessible to all ages and abilities. Adapted music lessons offer the opportunity to learn to play an instrument or sing in an environment that ensures success while building the foundation to a well-rounded music education. By utilizing unconventional methods of playing instruments and adapting the instruments themselves, individuals with cognitive or physical limitations can experience the joys of creating their own music in a way that complements their strengths and interests. Students may choose to focus on a single instrument or explore a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar, trombone, whistles and flutes, recorder, various drums and other rhythm instruments, reverie harp, autoharp, xylophone/resonance bars, and tone bars. Other instruments may be accommodated upon request.
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